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Walking on water ?


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Welcome to the BRYC NEWS 2024


Wednesday 28/02/2023 Spring Series, round 3 

An amazing 11 enthusiastic 6M sailors arrived this morning for round 3 of the spring Wednesday series and were greeted by some early morning mist and a less than enthusiastic breeze.

Vinnie kindly laid a course for the expected breeze of a running start and two triangles.

Unfortunately due to Geoff forgetting his foresail and Vinnies winch problems only 10 boats made the water at the same time. Six races were completed in the difficult conditions where wind strength and direction varied around the course. Derek had two wins, Barry one win and myself three having robbed Raymond with a final dash to the line in race 4. Everyone gained good positions during the morning, the difficult bit was holding them to the line. At the close I took the day with Derek second and Barry third. ....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Mark for being RO and Michael for moral support. John  

Sunday 25/02/24 Barry Gailer Trophy, round 2 for IOM

Dear All.

Please find the att. results from today's racing.

There was a splendid turnout of 13 boats. We arrived at Filby today to find lingering fog and little wind. Fortunately the sun soon cleared the fog and a gentle breeze set in from a SW direction This increased slightly as the morning progressed and we were able to complete 9 races.

At the start there were 13 boats sailing. I know Raymond had a strange radio fault, but I did not pick up what happened to Barry and Andrew. The racing was close thro' the fleet. John H took the win with 10 points followed by Mark and Mel with 12 and 19 points....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to John H for mark laying. recovery and setting the course. Also thanks to John C for acting as RO with help from Raymond and Andrew.

Cheers, Geoff  

Wednesday 21/02/2024 Frozen Fingers Trophy, round 3....cancelled

Dear All,

Neil, Trevor and myself were the only members at Filby today so there was no racing. Initially the Southerly breeze was OK to sail, but we went for a coffee. When we left at around 1120 the wind was increasing, as forecast, and the heavy rain arrived. Cheers, Geoff  

Sunday 17/02/2024 Old Codgers Trophy , round 1....cancelled

As many of you already know today's 6M event was cancelled do to very heavy rain. The rain was very heavy at 0900 and had not eased when we left at 1115. There was hardly any wind, so sailing would have been pointless. Six of us had a coffee and a chat. Cheers, Geoff  

Wednesday 14/02/2024 Wednesday Spring Series, round 2

Dear All,

Please find the att. results from today's racing. I acted as R.O. as I am still trying to set up my new groovy mast.

10 members arrived at Filby on a very mild winter's day to find a light, generally westerly, breeze. Vinnie set the course and we managed to complete 8 races. The conditions were quite challenging with plenty of shifts and holes !.

With 9 boats and a relatively short line the starts were especially difficult if you wanted to keep out of trouble. Liz via Trevor, donated a jar of homemade jar of marmalade for the winner. Thanks Liz.

John H took the win with 7 points followed by Paul C and Mel with 15 and 16 points respectively. Paul was showing good boat speed and had 4 seconds and a third....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

I had to leave early but thanks to all who put the equipment away. Cheers, Geoff  

Sunday 11/02/2024 Porter Cup, round 2  

Five regular RM sailors were joined by Neil Howie to make a splendid fleet of six boats.

The weather was kind, with no rain, some sunshine and best of all a light and steady Westerly breeze. Vinnie kindly set a windward/Leeward course and everyone chose A swing rigs, the only odd one out being me with a short fin.

Mark and John C ran 12 races with some close battles throughout the fleet. Vinnie unfortunately suffered endless rudder issues and called it a day after attempting five races. I managed to take the day from Derek, with Trevor taking third....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

A great mornings sailing with thanks to Neil for packing away the buoys and boat equipment. John  


Wednesday 07/02/24 IOM Frozen Fingers Trophy , round 2  

Dear All,

Please find the att. results from today's racing.

We had a very good turnout of 11 members who arrived at Filby to find a light generally westerly breeze.

Vinnie set a very interesting course, with a gate at both the windward and leeward ends. This provided some good close racing in the conditions.

There were 4 different race winners with Raymond and Trevor taking one each. Overall Mark took first place with 11 points followed by John H and Mel equal with 15 points. John takes second place with 2 wins..................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to John C for acting as R.O. Vinnie for setting the course and John H for mark recovery etc.

Andy Start arrived during the morning and presented John H with a 6M trophy for the 2023 series.  

Well done John .................Cheers, Geoff 

Best Newbie

Finally caught up with Stuart to present him with the Fred Armes Trophy

for highest placed new member, well done Stuart. 


Sunday 14/01/24 Barry Gailer Trophy, round 1for IOM

Dear All,

Please find the att. results from today's racing.

We had a good turnout of 10 members today for the last event before the restaurant winter break.

The breeze was generally westerly and Vinnie set a simple windward / leeward course with a gate. The breeze held up well and by Filby standards was fairly steady. John H took first place with 8 points followed by Mark and Mel with 18 and 20 points...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

An enjoyable mornings sailing if a little chilly !

Robbie's new "Alternative" looked great and showed great potential.......a beautiful boat!

Thanks to John C for acting as RO,

Please note that the next event is on Wed 7th Feb................. Cheers, Geoff  


Wednesday 10/01/24 : Wednesday Spring Series, round 1 for 6M 

Dear All.

Please find the att. results from today's racing.

7 members arrived at Filby on a very chilly but bright winter's day to find a good NW breeze. John C had electrical problems so unfortunately dropped out. With the wind coming over the trees, it was very disturbed, giving challenging conditions up the beat to the northerly windward mark.

8 races were completed and John H took first place with 5 wins and 7 points. Vinnie was in second place with 14 points. There was a points tie for third place with Mel and Paul both on 16 points, but Mel takes it with 2 wins. Paul was showing good boat speed and consistent results....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

We opted for an inside coffee break to warm up and the restaurant treated us to minces pies !

Thanks to John H for laying the course and mark recovery.............. Cheers, Geoff  

Sunday 07/01/2024 Porter Cup for RM... cancelled


Wednesday 03/01/24 Frozen Fingers round 1

Dear All,

Please find the att. results from today's racing.

7 members started the 2024 sailing season with the IOM Frozen Fingers event. The weather was quite good with a light Westerly breeze which held up quite well thro' the morning and the rain held off until we completed 9 races. Vinnie set the course with 2 windward marks and 2 wing marks. Mark took first place with 6 wins and a 2nd to count. John was 2nd with 14 points and Mel 3rd with 18 points...CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Cheers, Geoff  

Happy New Year to all our members and friends

See the Programme page for next years events


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