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Walking on water ?

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Welcome to the BRYC NEWS 2022


31/07/2022 Little Audrey Throphy Round 1  for IOM's

Excellent turnout today with eight boats on the water. Scoresheet speaks for itself but looks like there was some close racing,.......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

very sorry to have missed it. John. 


27/7/2022 Vick Buck Trophy Round 3 for IOM's

Hi All, four boats on the water this morning with Vinnie joining us as RO.

Sun eventually appeared to warm us and the wind flicked between North, East and South. Eight close races were sailed at pace which gave plenty of opportunity to discuss rules and possible infringements. Geoff won the battle for second with a late win....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Geoff, Barry and Raymond for packing away as I rushed away and to Vinnie for being RO.

Sunday is First round of the Little Audrey Trophy for R6M, enough have already indicated they will attend for this to go ahead. Wednesday 3rd August is the next round of Vick Buck Trophy For IOM. I suggest Reply All for this nearer the day, I am away on holiday for both these events.

Best wishes, John 

24/07/2022 Julibee Plate Round 9 for IOM's

Hi John

I attach the results of this morning's racing, Jubilee Plate Round 9 Geoff Josey set the course.....................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Andrew Frances acted as The Race Officer and collected the marker buoys grateful thanks to both. Enjoyable sailing. Raymond C 

20/7/2022 Vic Buck Trophy Round 2 for IOM's 

Five intrepid sailors ventured to Filby today and were initially greeted with overcast skies and a little rain. At least the wind was as forecast and a Triangle/Sausage course was laid.

Mel set the pace for the first race but unfortunately couldn't repeat it for the following ones, everyone went well at times but also had issues with bouys grabbing them as they went past. The sun soon appeared and temperatures steadily increased, I think everyone was happy to call it a day and hit the shade after 8 races...................CLICK HERE OR RESULTS

Vinnie turned out for tea and then spent the morning as RO, proving he still has the touch taking 47 to a win in the last race.

Thanks to everyone for a great mornings sailing and helping to pack everything away, and to Vinnie for taking on RO. ..........................John  

17/7/2022 Lady Jane Trophy Round 1 for RM's

Fantastic morning at Filby in the glorious sunshine.

Derek arrived at the crack of dawn to get everything ready and was unfortunately rewarded with winch failure after race 1. Six boats on the water is a great turnout and although the wind proved tricky at times 12 close and enjoyable races were sailed. Unusually for RM I managed to win the day with Bernie in second and Andrew winning the battle with Michael for third. .............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to all for helping pack everything away.

13/7/2022 Vic Buck Trophy Round 1 for IOM's 

cancelled , lack of attendance


10/7/2022 Jubilee Plate Round 8 for IOM's

A beautiful, cloudless, blue sky, with a gentle NW breeze welcomed 5 stouthearted and plucky yachtsmen to Round 8 of the Jubilee plate.

The last round of the Jubilee plate was on 8/5/2022. Many rounds having been missed due to weed etc.

John H dominated the day from race 2 onwards. The gentle breeze backed to Northerly and further on occasion fading to very little before returning to the NW we started with.......The rest of us enjoyed this perfect summers day for what it was.....a perfect summers day.........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

We were all impressed with Raymonds knowledge of the rules and it was good to see Tony and Vinnie at coffee time.

Thanks to John for laying the marks and Andrew for scoring and picking up marks.

On such a wonderful day it was a shame more sailors did not turn up.

Next Wednesday is the first round of the Vic Buck Trophy for IOM's followed by the first round of the Lady Jane Trophy for RM's.

Hope to see you there.....Eric


6/7/2022 Old Codgers Trophy Round 16

Six Intrepid sailors were welcomed to Filby by a gentle, warm, westerly wind for the 16th and last round of the Old Codgers Trophy.

John set a standard windward/leeward, triangle and sausage, two lap course ( you know what I mean ) and showed his class from race one winning 4 of the first 5 races. Unfortunately..... he had to leave after race 5 and Eric managed to win 4 of the last 5 races with Raymond winning the last.....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.

Really good to see people again in such perfect conditions. Thank you for a very pleasant morning.

Thanks go to John for setting the course, Geoff for collecting the marks and everyone for doing their bit.

Sunday is round 8 of the Jubillee Plate for IOM's and next Wednesday, 13/7, is the first round of the Vic Buck Trophy also for IOM's.

Hope to see you there, .....Eric


03/07/2022 Whitbread Trophy for 6M Round 7 

Hi John

The Commodore along with four other club members completed in Round 7 for The Whitbread Trophy on a warm morning in a gentle WSW breeze and pleased to report the sailing area is weed free.

The course was laid by Derek. Andrew Frances acted as The Race Officer, recorded the results and collected the buoys at the end of the event, for which we extend to both our appreciation. Thank You.

The morning proved to be most enjoyable with close racing the results of which are attached.......................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS.....

On a personal note, my( Raymond ) first occasion sailing my newly acquired Six Meter, receiving pre race tuning advice, extending grateful thanks to those concerned, I found the experience most enjoyable. The coffee break insured to which we were joined by Vinnie and His dear Valeria, and I am pleased to report that the former is recovering from His recent accident. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Patience is a virtue. Tony Garner and His wife were in attendance at the restaurant and a number of members took in turn to make their acquaintance ( sound like royalty) suitably bowing and curtsying as appropriate ( Eric added...sorry to totally ruin the tone of your report Raymond. Will never add inappropriate comments again.......he,he,he....).

I understand Wednesday 6th July 2022 is the final round 16 of the OLD CODGERS TROPHY followed by 10th July "The return of the IOM's". Not the Jedi !!!!! or The Sith !!!! don't be silly !!!

Best Wishes...... Raymond Crisp 


29/6/2022 Weedy Informal 6M

Four intrepid sailors ventured to Filby today to be greeted with sunny weather, light fluky winds and large quantities of duck and goose pooh!

After considerable time cleaning the controller area three boats made it to the water and eight tricky races were sailed with no sign of the dreaded weed. Mel started well with the Tias well suited to the conditions but it was all very close and I had cheated by dragging out 96 which has larger sail area than the Renaissance. Mel was most consistent with Barry and myself managing to be First and Last in at least one race. On scoring I had managed to pip Mel by a single point. ........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Raymond for running the line and keeping score.

Nice to be accompanied for the morning by a visitor on holiday from Chichester.

As the weed is no longer an issue I see no problem with re-starting the programme with 6M this Sunday and IOM next Wednesday. .................John 




22/5/2022 Informal Weedy.........Whatever.......usually 6M

An amazing 8 boats arrived to enjoy the beautifully sunny morning.

Light and fickle wind accompanied by lots of weed did not spoil the fun and 8 informal races were completed before it was noticed that 1pm was approaching. I had failed to inform John Carment of the change to 6M and thought the problem easily sorted with my spare boat. I had failed to notice however the duff TX battery which lasted one race so the most boats on the water was 7. Scores attached for fun, with much boat/skipper swapping the positions mainly belong to the boat. 19 , mostly under Mel's control was however only beaten once.................CLICK HERE for informal weedy RESULTS

Only a small section of water is relatively weed free so formal racing is postponed until further notice. 6M is probably the best bet for further informal sailing but everyone is welcome to try whatever they think suitable........... John.  

18/5/2022 Old Codgers Trophy.....IOM's 

Five arrived to enjoy the brilliantly Sunny morning which unfortunately lacked the promised Moderste SW breeze.

Having laid the marks Vinnie predicted it would be weedy and this proved to be the case with nearly everyone clearing fin and rudder between races.

This together with the Westerly, Southerly, Easterly light breeze made sailing a bit of a trial and the high spot was Coffee after race two. I had to leave after race 5 and everyone else kindly packed up as well. Very close racing with three different winners and four different runners up......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Certainly looks very unsuitable for RM on Sunday so I suggest 6M until such time as the weed recedes................. John 

15/5/2022 Shearwater Trophy ............6M's


Thirteen skippers gathered at Broads RYC from such far distant places as Buchanness, Fleetwood, Lee Valley and Norwich to compete for the Shearwater Trophy.

Weather was much as forecast other than the Easterly breeze not reaching the promised strength being somewhat fickle and missing at times.

Unfortunately, Lester Gilbert had to head for home almost immediately leaving 12 to hit the water. The Fleetwood team were keen to show us the way with two wins before the Tea/Coffee break. After 8 races there was a pause for lunch with Shaun Holbeche already in a commanding position being challenged occasionally by John Hanton, Stephen Wheeler and John Sharman.











After lunch a further 7 races were sailed and in the tricky conditions the realisation that a good start was essential led to a number of general recalls. Stephen Wheeler and John Hanton continued the challenge on Shaun's lead but by the finish he provedthe clear and worthy winner. ..............................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


Many thanks to the race team of Geoff, Margaret and Andy who kept it all going, to John Carment for presenting the prizes and of course to all our visitors for making the long trip.  




11/5/2022 Whitbread Trophy Round 5.......6M's

Five sailors met to brave the drizzle and fluky breeze. The weather App clearly lied. After a session of maintenance and boat sorting ready for Sunday followed by coffee six races were completed in great humour and good spirit despite the steady increase in rain and decrease in wind.

Bernie finished as clear winner with Mel and Michael tied on points decided on most firsts....................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Bernie for testing the rescue boat batteries and returning the results/ report. John  



8/5/2022 Jubilee Plate Round 4......IOM's

Five IOM made the water today for a morning of close if at times frustrating racing. Geoff laid a windward/Leeward course in difficult conditions as the promised NE breeze regularly shifted between N and E, disappearing completely at random from various parts of the course.

Four skippers managed a top spot with everyone gaining at least a third. After 8 races only three points covered 2nd to 4th with Geoff, who had clearly been in conversation with the wind God pipping John C and Raymond to second place. ........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks once again to Andrew for running the line and recording the results........... John 


4/5/2022 OLD CODGERS TROPHY Round 8...IOM's

Five regular sailors were joined by new member Andrew to compete in a light somewhat fluky SW breeze for round 8 of the Old Codgers Trophy.

Mel proved to be master of the conditions posting six firsts with only Raymond and myself also managing a top spot. Vinnie rested out after the break handing the controller to Andrew who produced some consistent results until a bleeping transmitter/battery issue cost him a race....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Very pleasant morning and there was no sign of the promised rain until safely home. IOM again on Sunday followed by two outings for the R6M next week. ......John 


1/5/2022 Jubilee Plate round 3.....CANCELLED

Only three skippers arrived this morning so the programmed round of the Jubilee Plate could not take place. Vinnie, John Carment and myself informally sailed 8 enjoyable races in the light southerly breeze where, in most cases a good start was key. Vinnie took the majority of wins to take the day..... John 

There are only two more rounds of the Jubillee Plate to sail. All 3 previous rounds up to now have been cancelled due to lack of attendance.


27/4/2022 Old Codgers Trophy Round 7 ....IOM's

Six (intrepid ?) skippers braved the slightly chilly overcast morning to enjoy a mornings close racing in the forecast NE breeze.

Vinnie set a triangle/sausage/run course well suited to the wind direction. The racing was as much about mistakes and failures as the actual sailing and although only two managed top spots nearly everyone gained top three places. At the end I managed to scrape a win by one point over Vinnie with Raymond posting a consistent set of scores for third...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Saturday is IOM Yare Cup at Norwich

and if anyone has energy left we have more IOM racing on Sunday.......... John 


24/4/2022...Porter Cup Round 4.....RM's

An amazing seven skippers arrived this Bright and breezy morning to compete for round four of the Porter Cup. Vinnie set a traditional Triangle / Sausage course with a final run to the finish.

The strong NE breeze caused most competitors some problems and all seven only managing to finish in two races. Vinnie was ahead of the game having changed from broken B to C before the first start. The wisest had choosen C from the beginning. Four skippers managed a first place.

Gear failures left only three for the eighth and final race with Bernie gaining Average points for his generous operation of the rescue boat.

Overall Vinnies good scores and consistency made him the clear winner with very close running for second, third and fourth...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS
... John 

Next Wednesday ,27/4,is the next round of Old Codgers Trophy for IOM's  ....and next Sunday, 1/5, is the next round of the Jubillee Cup for IOM's also.......GOOD LUCK in this wonderfull weather.


20/4/2022..Old Codgers Round 6.....IOM's

Today 5 members sailed round 6 of the " Old Codgers Trophy Series " .

The first challenge was to get to Filby as the road signs said "Road Closed" from both the Acle and Caister approach directions. When we left, the signs seemed to have been removed !

8 races were sailed in very tricky conditions. The wind was sometimes 4 ish around the leeward mark and zero at the windward mark with plenty of holes to fall into round the course. Vinnie dominated, winning 7 of the 8 races and seems to have sorted his 15 year old Pikanto. Raymond won race 7.....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

A very enjoyable mornings sailing was had by all. Thanks to Vinnie for setting the course and Mel for the mark recovery...... Geoff 

Next Sunday, 24/4, is Porter Cup for RM's...usually well attended.... and the following wednesday, 27/4, is the next round of The Old Codgers for IOM's.


13/4/2022...Old Codgers Trophy Round 5...............IOM's

Seven sailors gathered in the warm sunshine at Filby today to enjoy a series of very close races in the reasonably steady SW breeze.

Vinnie set a windward/Leeward course with a gate where choosing the best side varied from race to race. Richard was unfortunate to break a shroud in his first outing of the year but managed a repair in time for race 3 after coffee. Three skippers managed top spots over the eight races with many more gaining seconds and thirds. There were however a few loose reeds to catch the unwary. By the finish the Corbie had managed top spot and there was a close, one point, call for second with Mel just taking it over Raymond...CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks All, a very enjoyable morning where several winter coats had to be abandoned.

Sunday is again IOM but with it being Easter I will put out the usual email for everyone to decide if there will be enough takers.............. John

10/4/2022...Whitbread Trophy Round 4...........6M's

The bright and sunny morning encouraged six R6M onto the water for a hard fought morning of close racing.

John set bouys all around the sailing area in the vain hope we could set a course with a decent beat in the seemingly ever rotating breeze but even with a last minute shuffle by Vinnie this proved to be a challenge. Good news was everyone completed all the races and at the end of the day only two points separated the top three placed with first going to Vinnie on tie break over Bernie. ....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Well done all, a great mornings racing. Good to see John Carment back after his eye OP. Thanks to Andrew, who was kept busy watching the start line, and Bernie for collecting the marks..... John

PS ....Great Racing and a big thanks to John for lending me a transmitter and to Bernie for sorting out my Jib for me. Who said there was no sportsmanship in our sport! ...............Vinnie

PPS.... Such are the vagaries of the scorihg system Vinnies 16 beats my 15 points after discards That what you get with close competitive racing racing at its best congrats Vinnie Before you start chopping a bit off of the front of your jib you may consider drilling a hole in the jb boom tube to get the correct position of the leading edge of the jib to be within your J measurement that way the jib ballance assembly need not be disturbed . Give me a ring if this doesn't make sense............. best B

PPPS ....Yep, comes down to Vinnies three firsts! My three firsts sadly let down by all the thirds. Lucky I actually remembered to bring the spare TX........ John.

Next Wednesday, 13/4, Old Codgers Round 5 for IOM's followed by Sunday, 17/4, Round 2 of The Jubillee Cup for IOM's

6/4/2022...Old Codgers Trophy Round 4 .......IOM's

Six sailors took to the water today and enjoyed very close racing on a beautifully sunny and relatively warm morning.

Vinnie kindly set a windward leeward course in the promised SW breeze which had extremely strong gusts. Vinnie started with the correct choice of B rig whilst the remainder were on A and had to battle for survival on the runs. Three skippers shared winning spots and second and third positions were hard fought. At coffee break everyone else followed Vinnies lead and changed to B which made the gusts much more manageable but it was still tricky to cope with the tricky conditions, and there were big gains and losses to be made across the course, many races were won or lost on the last few yards. .............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Very pleasurable morning with thanks to all. 

Next Sunday, 10/4, is round 4 of The Whitbread Trophy for 6M followed by Wednesday, 13/4, Old Codgers Round 5 for IOM's


30/3/2022...Old Codgers Trophy Round 3 .....IOM's 

Four skippers made the water today, eight close races were completed and weather stayed dry until the end. Mels final win was actually 56 but with Geoffs agreement the last race has been scored by skipper rather than boat. Vinnie tops the list again with his old/new Topico...CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Best wishes, John 

Next Sunday, 3/4, is the first round of The Jubillee Plate for IOM's followed by Wednesday, 6/4, Old Codgers Round 4 for IOM's


27/3/2022.... Porter Cup Round 3 ......RM's

A grey and misty start clearing to bouts of sunshine . A northerly wind, variable in strength and direction gave challenging racing to the 4 boats all morning.

Each sailor had a win with Andrew showing the way with a win on the first race . Later constantly playing tag with the windward marker did him no favours . Derek took the day with a patch of sailing in the middle morning where he could do no wrong. A beam reach finish across the control area through wind shifts calm patches and the doldrums let to a number of tense finishes with the length of a bow bumper determining your position..........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Close racing and not a single protest........ Great stuff..... Best B 


23/3/2022...Old Codgers Round 2.......IOM's

Five intrepid sailors ventured out into the brilliant sunshine for the first contested round of the Old Codgers Trophy for IOM. Whilst Mel was the clear winner the following places were close fought with everyone attaining multiple good results and only four points difference after nine races. Well done all.......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Sunday is Porter Cup round 3 for RM............... Best wishes John 


20/3/2022...Barry Gailer Round 6.....IOM's



16/3/2022....Old Codgers Round 1......IOM's


Very disappointing day. Just Geoff and me turned up!!! .............Barry



13/3/2022......Whitbread Trophy.. Round 3 for 6M's

Broads 6M sailors were joined by Ian Self from Norwich to make 7 boats on the water with most surviving a blustery morning to complete 10 races. With the breeze as forecast from the SE a running start was order of the day to a gate for windward/leeward legs and the addition of a triangle mid race. Skippers soon got the hang of starting in the tricky conditions learning early on the best start was to avoid everyone else. Four different Skippers managed a win but Bernie was clear winner with the most consistent set of results..CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Andrew Francis for again acting as honorary RO , Bernie for collecting the bouys and to the weather for staying dry........... John

Next Wednesday, 16/3, is first round of the Old Codgers Trophy for IOM's , and the following Sunday, 20/3, is Final round of the Barry Gailer Trophy for IOM's.

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric


9/3/2022......Frozen Fingers 10th and final round

Blow the wind southerly .....was the tune of the day....and Kathleen Ferrier brought my lover to me !!!!!!

They don't make them like that anymore .....

A bright, sunny, cool southerly breeze welcomed five adventurous and dashing sailors to the last round of the Frozen Finger Trophy. Unlike last week it was a mild , and pleasant day for sailing. Vinnie brought his baby boat , so cute, anyway he set and layed a difficult course with a reaching/running start and a windward gate ( every other lap ) which Geoff got to grips with in the last race. We rattled through the races quite quickly...until Vinnie decided , quite acceptably, to lengthen the course to slow us down. Then he left taking his baby boat with him. Ahhh ! It was obviously a girl 'cos it was pink......so adorable. Anyway the racing progressed and anything that Eric did turned to ........a win. So, so out of character, but he milked it for most of the morning and won the day quite convincingly . We managed nine races in a very pleasant and sociable morning. .....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

With this win Eric also won the Frozen Finger Trophy .....well done !

Thanks to John for collecting bouys and everyone else for tidying up. A chilly but enjoyable morning.

Next Sunday, 13/3, is the next round of the Whitbread Trophy for 6M's , and the following Wednesday, 16/3, is the firstround of the Old Codgers Trophy for IOM's

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric


6/3/2022........Barry Gailer Trophy for IOM's................Round 5

The north wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow,
And what will the robin do then, poor thing?
He'll sit in a barn,
And keep himself warm,
And hide his head under his wing, poor thing!

A bitterely cold NNE breeze welcomed five daring and audatious sailors to Round 5 of the Barry Gailer Trophy.

Most wished they'd taken a leaf out of the Erithacus rubecula's book..................see above.

Nonetheless...like last Wednesday Vinnie set and layed an excellent windward leeward course with a gate at the downwind mark which again actually gave a viable choice of routes. But this weeks course was at right angles (ish) to last weeks and finished on a run. With tears in our eyes ( due to cold wind in our faces not Vinnies antics) we patiently.......waited for Vinnie to cut his mast down to size due to it having grown since last week ????????????? Just don't ask !

With a fairly short course we managed to get eight races in quite rapidly in the hope we could join "Robin " sooner rather than later. Eric (unusually ) was on fire, winning four races, and came 1st overall. With John and Vinnie getting two wins each with John coming 2nd and Vinnie 3rd..........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to John for collecting bouys and everyone else for tidying up. A chilly but enjoyable morning.

Next Wednesday,9/3, is the last round of the Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's followed on Sunday,13/3, by the next round of The Whitbread Trophy for 6M's.......

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric

2/3/2022...Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's...Round 9

Woke up this morning with the weather forcast at Filby being "Gentle SE breeze with cloud". It did not bode well for a good mornings sailing! BUT how wrong could I be ! There was a gentle breeze across the whole course for most of the time, which provided much close and exciting racing.

Vinnie set and layed an excellent windward leeward course with a gate at the downwind mark which actually gave a viable choice of routes. The racing was much closer on the water than the results indicate with all five boats within half a leg of each other most of the time. Vinnie and John even relying on Mel and Eric sailing the wrong course in race six to secure their 1st and 2nd place, but hey I'm not bitter............................................ Vinnie, again, most consistent, had a good day with four wins and came 1st overall. Eric with two wins came 2nd and John, also with two wins, came 3rd...................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to John for collecting bouys and everyone else for helping to tidy up. A thoroughly enjoyable morning !

Next Sunday, 6/3,is Round 5 of the Barry Gailer Trophy for IOM's followed the following wednesday,9/3, by the final round of the Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's.......excited ?......,...you should be!....

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric

27/2/2022..Porter Cup for RM's......Round 2

Thanks to Andrew Francis from Norwich and Michael fresh from his winter slumbers( hibernation ) we had a fleet of five RM to enjoy the sunny and blustery weather.

Most went for B rig, Michael decided on C, Derek and Bernie had swing rigs. The breeze varied from nothing to over B and occasionally caught out the swings. Eleven close races were completed with three skippers managing one or more wins. At the end of the day the tie between Derek and myself was too close to call but the App on HMS setting confirmed Derek as the worthy winner with more thirds scored.....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Well done Derek. John H. 

23/02/2022..Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's.......Round 8

A beautiful, bright, sunny day and a moderate south south west breeze welcomed our unflinching and heroic sailors to round 8 of the Frozen fingers trophy for IOM's. The wind, affected by the trees round the restaurant, produced extremly fluky conditions. All used an A-rig but, as usual, John and Vinnie were most consistent ( lucky ?) in the first four races.

Remarkeably five of our spirited sailors obtained a win......John had to leave at half time after a promising start. Vinnie won the day well with Eric 2nd and Mel a very close 3rd. Raymond had a clear run in race 3 and showed that the force is still with him by winning the race by a mile..........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

It was great to see eight boats out today. I found the conditions difficult but enjoyable nontheless.

Thanks to John for setting the bouys and Geoff for getting them in, and Derek and the team for clearing up after.

NEXT Sunday 27/2 is The Porter Cup Round 2 for RM's ( Marbleheads ) followed on Wednesday 2/3 by Frozen Fingers Round 9 for IOM's.

Lets see a great turnout now that SPRING is here...........?

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric


20/2/2022..Barry Gailer Trophy for IOM's...Round  4

CANCELLED due to weather


16/2/2022...Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's.....Round 7

A bright and blustery day welcomed seven of our bold and adventurous sailors to round 7 of the frozen fingers trophy for IOM's. The West South West breeze was top of the B rig with Matthew and Derek opting for a C rig after coffee.

Mr Consistency ( Vinnie ) won 6 of the 8 rounds with Eric and Raymond winning the other two. There was only 2 points between 2nd and 4th place with Mel coming 3rd in every race bar one and securing 2nd place overall with Eric 3rd and Raymond 4th ...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

It was great to see Raymond and Matthew again.Thanks to Vinnie for setting the course and laying the buoys and Matthew for collecting the buoys. Thanks to everyone for doing their bit afterwards.

Sunday 20/2 sees Round 5 of the Barry Gailer Trophy for IOM's and the following Wednesday 23/2 round 8 of Frozen Fingers also for IOM's................DON'T FORGET 10am START

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric


13/2/2022...Whitbread Trophy for 6M's ......Round 2

An amazing 7 skippers braved the chilly conditions to contest our second R6M event of 2022.

We had a bit of a slow start and 5 boats made it onto the water for the first race before tea / coffee. After the break a further 7 races were said in the tricky breeze which although mainly light also had some ferocious boat flattening gusts. Racing was very close with three skippers managing a win and five a second. Unfortunately due to boat issues at no point did all seven complete in the same race mainly due to John C's broken rudder early on. In the end Bernie was the clear winner with John H second and Mel third.......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

We were joined during the morning by Andrew Francis from Norwich who kindly assisted with scoring and putting stuff away at the end.

Next Wednesday 16/2 and next Sunday 20/2 are both IOM events. DON'T FORGET 10am START


9/2/2022 ......Frozen Finger Trophy for IOM's ....Round 6

Guess what! A mild ,cloudy, dry,pleasant morning with a moderate West South Westerly breeze welcomed six fearless and plucky sailors who immediately sat down and had a coffee at the now open restaurant. John finished his first with Geoff coming a close second. Vinnie was hampered by the fact that he had two cups of tea to drink but nontheless came a respectable third.

WHAT ABOUT THE SAILING...I hear you cry....Well, it was a closely fought day with a standard triangle and sausage course and four skippers gaining race wins. John won four of the races to secure first place and Vinnie with his usual consistent performance came a close second with Eric third. A most enjoyable morning's sailing........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

May I thank John H for putting the marks out and Bernie for collecting them in . The rest of the team were great at putting everything else away too......

Next Sunday, 13/2, is the Whitbread Trophy for 6M followed by Frozen Fingers again on the Wedenesday 16/2.

Look forward to seeing you all there......Eric

PS Nice to see Liz


6/2/2022...Barry Gailer trophy for IOM's ....Round3



2/2/2022..SPOOKY.....Frozen Fingers Trophy for IOM's Round 5

A cloudy, drisly morning with a moderate westerly breeze quickly became a cloudy morning with a moderate westerly breeze.  The drisle stopped! ( never been sure how to spell drisle ).

Mel set the standard course for a westerly breeze. Start line square to the control area, orange windward mark and spreader marks to the left with a yellow leeward mark.

Five boats arrived for the start but Barry had problems with his winch from the get-go and Vinnie was not his usual self.

Mel got it all together today and came out on top in a very closely contested series....CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Next Sunday is the Barry Gailer Cup for IOM's and the following Wednesday is another dose of Frozen Fingers with IOM's.

Look forward to seeing more of you there since I believe the Restaurant is open and coffee will be available........All the best, Eric

PS I' m sure everyone would like to wish Valerie and Vinnie sincerest condolences.

30/1/2022 Porter Cup Round 1

A bright and clear morning with the forecast light Westerly breeze greeted 4 sailors at the broad this morning. Bernie had battled the floods to reach his van to even get here!

After 8 close races Bernie managed to win the day by one point, I scraped into second beating Derek also by one point. Breeze didn't become strong enough for John C to get moving but I believe he wins the prize for least missed/hit bouys of which there were plenty for the rest of us......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Wednesday and next Sunday are both IOM events.

Best wishes........ John 

26/1/2022 Frozen Fingers Trophy Round 4

Another super days sailing..! Unfortunately this time only 5 intrepid sailers turning up. The wind was again moderate from SW, fewer gusts today and the sky was bright but mostly grey.

It felt cold but we were warmed up by some close sailing ( please, I am exagerating a little but hey!). The racing was again fairly close with a variety of winners, but ,as usual, Vinnie came out on top using a very sleek, newly painted ,red, shiny, Britpop. Well done Vinnie..................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Sunday 30/1 sees the first round of the Porter Cup for MARBLEHEADS,(RM's), followed on Wednesday 2/2 by Round 5 of Frozen Fingers for IOM's 


23/1/2022 Barry Gailer Trophy Round 2

Six intrepid sailors ventured to the broad today. It was warmer than my forecast but sadly lacked the slightest breeze........... Derek tested the conditions and his boat sat resolutely where it was launched.....


We agreed on cancellation hoping for something better on Wednesday with the next IOM Frozen Fingers event. Best wishes........... John

19/1/2022 Frozen Fingers Round 3

What a great days sailing...! The breeze was moderate from SW plus gusts ( which were frequently flattening with A-rigs) and the sky was bright and grey intermittently. The temperature was 6 deg celcius plus and the 11am start perfectly took advantage of the warmer part of the day and allowed me to stay in bed for much longer!

The racing was very close. Mel coming third with 3 wins...?...........and there were 4 race winners overall. In the end Matthew showed the most consistency along with a starting technique which always put him up front. Eric just coming second and Mel third. Well done Derek for a 1st ,2nd, and 3rd and Raymond for 3 podiums...............................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Sunday sees Round 2 of the Barry Gailer Tophy for IOM's followed by Frozen Fingers 4 next Wednesday. Look forward to seeing you all ..and more on Sunday and next week...Eric


16/1/2022 Whitbread Trophy Round 1

Great to see six skippers competing today in round one of the Whitbread Trophy for R6M. A beautiful sunny morning greeted us with a fair westerly breeze....

A traditional triangle / sausage course was set and skippers took turns to call the start line. Good close racing ensued with four different winners over the day........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks to Bernie for collecting the Bouys and to everyone for clearing up whilst I headed for Norwich to collect my dear wife.

This Wednesday is IOM 11 am start, but with the Restaurant/facilities closed I shall not be attending.

Make sure you bring a flask while they are closed.

I suggest an e mail and/or Facebook message so people can gauge if it's worthwhile travelling to site.

Best wishes, John


12/1/2022 Frozen Fingers Trophy Round 2...........

A beautiful morning. The sun was shining, no wind . A great day for getting outside..... 



Lack of wind and people !


9/1/2022 Barry Gailer Round 1 for IOM's

A beautiful day dawned at Filby. With a moderate WSW breeze, sunshine, and good company, the stage was set for a spectacular morning of racing!

Beautiful morning if a bit chillier than my forecast with a reasonable SW breeze. Vinnie set a Windward/Leward course and Geoff volunteered to be RO. We initially had 7 boats on the water ( plus Vinnie's DF95 ) but unfortunately John Carment suffered early gear failure and couldn't compete. Very close racing through the fleet with four skippers sharing the wins.................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Wednesday is round 2 of Frozen Fingers for IOM and the 6M get their first outing next Sunday.

Best wishes, John

5/1/2022 Frozen Fingers Trophy Round 1 for IOM's

It really lived up to its' name ! but sad to see only 4 IOM's out on the first day back. Derek and Vinnie were also there but sailing DF 95's. Which, I suppose, made 6 boats on the water.

Hi All,

Four IOM sailors braved what really was Frozen Fingers for the first event of the season and were joined on the water by a pair of DF95.

Vinnie set a windward Leward course and 8 close races were completed. The IOM sailed in A rig and the DF95's in B. Wind was quite variable with occasional knock downs for the IOM down wind. As you might expect the IOM were faster over the course but the lighter DF with much smaller rig handled the conditions really well and went really well to windward...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Another IOM outing on Sunday, sailing to start at 11am.

Club website is fixed thanks to Eric and Duncan Ellis. Best wishes ......John


Sailing starts on Wednesday 5 th January......... hope lots turn up !

Unfortunately at this moment the website is not working but hopefully it won't be too long before it's operational again.........



See Programme page for full years events


Happy New Year to all our members and friends

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