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Walking on water ?

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Welcome to the BRYC NEWS 2020


Well done Vinnie and Raymondo!............ See MAINSHEET for December plans and what's been going on.

Don't forget ..........Sunday 20th will also be a low-key mince pies and coffee morning along with small prizegiving for those 2020 trophies that we can award


Sailing schedule for December and January assuming Boris and chums let us

play a week Wednesday, 2nd December.

Cheers, Nigel

December 2020
Sailing Schedule





Wednesday 2nd


Vick Buck Trophy Round 6


Sunday 6th


Lady Jane Trophy Round 4


Wednesday 9th


Vick Buck Trophy Round 7


Sunday 13th


Little Audrey Trophy Round 6


Wednesday 16th


Vick Buck Trophy Round 8


Sunday 20th


Mince Pie Trophy



Sunday 20th will also be a low-key mince pies and coffee morning along with small prizegiving for those 2020 trophies that we can award

January 2021
Sailing Schedule





Wednesday 6th


January Blues


Sunday 10th


January Blues


Wednesday 13th


January Blues


Sunday 17th


January Blues



January’s sailing will also be low key series with 3 out of the 4 events to count towards a small trophy or prize.


Due to LOCKDOWN 2 all sailing is cancelled until further notice. I am hopeful that we can get back on the water early in December and as when we get the nod from Boris and his chums I will issue a new schedule. In the meantime stay safe. Regards, Nigel


4/11/2020 IOM Vick Buck Trophy Round 5 .......Wednesday

What a lovely day for our last sail before lockdown 2 starts.

This morning brought 9 boats to the start line in a nice steady breeze once again from the southwesterly direction. In all 8 races where completed, I myself had radio problems in 4 and Mel missing 3 because of battery problems. In the end Vinnie took first place overall with John 2nd and Mel 3rd. Thanks go to John for both laying the buoys and also recovering after sailing.




Hopefully see you all on Wednesday 2nd December all being well for round 6 of the Vick Buck Trophy.

In the meantime stay safe.











1/11/2020 IOM Heron Trophy Round (1)........Sunday

Once again the wind was far from ideal coming once again from a southwesterly direction. Neil took on the responsibility of being RO for the day. Racing started with just 4 of the 5 sailors taking too the water, Vinnie once again having boat problems which ended his day early. Number 2 rigs we were used by all the skippers as at times very strong gusts blew across the race track. An early coffee break was called for so Neil could adjust the course due to a slight wind shift. All in all 11 races completed with John having the upper hand taking 8 firsts, Nigel finished a distant 2nd. My thanks go to Neil not only for being the days RO but for also setting the course and buoy recovery and also to Derek for staying on to do the scores. Also a quick mention to Tony for popping into give the sailors some moral support.................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

(Picture is of JH's chief sail maker who's services are available very reasonably.Contact JH for details)

This Wednesday sees once again the IOM s take to the water for round 5 of the Vick Buck Trophy.

As regards to sailing for the rest of the month of December following last night's announcement that we will be going into a full lockdown as from Thursday 5th I am awaiting conformation from the MYA but I will confirm in due course what is happening. Nigel


28/10/2020 R6M Little Audrey Trophy....Wednesday Day(5)

With the wind coming from a southwesterly direction amongst others Vinnie was able to set a course just off the control area. Eight races were completed in what I must say where very trying conditions as regards to both wind strength and direction. Despite the conditions we had some very close racing and by the close of play John took first place overall with Neil second and Mel in third. My thanks go to Vinnie for not only setting the course but also for doing the scoring and also to Neil for collecting the marks at the end......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This Sunday sees the IOM s take to the water again for round 1 of The Heron Trophy...... Nigel










Heron Trophy Round 1




Vick Buck Trophy Round 5




Heron Trophy Round 2




Vick Buck Trophy Round 6




Lady Jane Trophy Round 4




Vick Buck Trophy Round 7




Heron Trophy Round 4




Little Audrey Trophy Round 6




Heron Trophy Round 5



25/10/2020 IOM Jubilee Plate......Sunday Day(6)

This morning we had 10 skippers lakeside but by the time came to take to the water we where down to eight. Unfortunately Barry who was hoping to give both him and his boat it's maiden sail his electrics failed just prior to the time to put the boat on the water and Tony had joined us for coffee and chat. WIth the winds coming from a southwesterly direction this enabled Vinnie to set a short windward leg followed by a triangle and a shuttle to a windward finish as the course. Three races were completed before a short break in the sun for coffee. After the break a further six races where sailed . At the end of the day Vinnies new hero Mel finished on 11 points only to be pipped by Vinnie on 9 points for first place with Eric "webmaster" in third (should get prize for most consistent results).

My thanks go to Vinnie for setting the course, Barry for doing the scores and Derek for collecting the marks............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Last but not least to the rest of the skippers thanks for your help in taking the boat out of the water ready for the working party in the morning.

This Wednesday sees the turn of the R6M to take to the water. Nigel



Hi Skippers,

As sailing was binned on Wednesday due to heavy rain and lack of wind I have no report to give but thought that an update to the forthcoming weekend would be good: Sat 24th/Sunday 25th - don't forget the clocks go back an hour overnight if you forget you will have a long wait lakeside for the rest of us to arrive. Sunday 25th - sees round 6 of the Jubilee Plate for IOM. Current forecast is for the wind to be 14mph from the SSW, dry with a temp of 12 degrees .

Monday 26th- Work party at the lake, 9.30 ish start, we will be working on the club boat, tidying up both sheds and depending on numbers clearing the control area by the lake. Forecast is for it to be dry.Tools to bring if you have any would be stiff broom, spade to clear path edges etc.

Regards, Nigel


21/10/2020 IOM Vick Buck Trophy .........Wednesdy Day(4) cancelled!

Just to let you know this mornings sailing was cancelled due to loads of rain and very little wind.

Can you please remind peeps that the clocks go back overnight next Saturday and Sundays sailing is round 6 of the Jubilee Plate for IOM


18/10/2020 RM Lady Jane Trophy ...........Sunday Day(3)

 Five skippers made it to the water this morning.unfortunately once again we had rain and a wind that would not play ball swinging northwesterly back to  North  then back northwesterly.  Eventually after using all 10 marks racing got under way but has the rained increased the wind dropped off. After just one race it was decided to take an early coffee break with the hope the rain would stop and wind increase. Racing continued after the break till in total 8 races where completed with unfortunately both Nigel and John having to call it day with radio problems.in the end Vinnie took first place with 8 bullets Mike second and Neil close behind in third. My thanks go to Vinnie setting the course and Neil collecting the bouys at the end of racing.......CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

 This Wednesday sees the turn of the IOM'S again.

For those of you that volunteered for a work party this will take place on Monday 26th October starting at 9.30. Many hands will make light work of the jobs that need doing.



14/10/2020 IOM VIC BUCK TROPHY ........Wednesday Day (3)

Eight skippers where joined by 2 potential new members Barry and Judy. Vinnie set today's course and with the wind coming from the north was able to set an old style Olympic course finishing on a downwind leg. Sailing started in a nice steady breeze that as the rain came in gradually increased then has the rain passed through died away to almost nought. After 7 races the remaining 5 skippers left on the water decided that they could not longer stand the excitement and called it a day. Once the scores where added up the top 3 places covered but just 3 points. Top of the pile was Vinnies hero John, 2nd our clubs webmaster Eric with Vinnie third............................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This coming Sunday (18th) sees the turn of the RM'S to take to the water for round 3 of The Lady Jane Trophy.

Last but not least I am sure you will all join in with me in welcoming Barry to the club and look forward to seeing him on the water soon. Nigel


11/10/2020 IOM Jubilee Plate .......Sunday Day(5)

What started as a good morning for racing turned into a bit of a nightmare. John H set the first course with the wind coming from the north at the top end of no I rig. By the time the 7 skippers took to the water not only had the wind dropped but also swung to the west. So out John went again to reset the race track. By the time he had returned ashore the rain had started and as the skippers headed for cover. After a 5 minute delay the skippers decided it was time to take to the water. But as the rain eased and the wind shifted back to the north. After a brief chat it was decided to leave the course as was and get racing under way. In total we managed to get 7 races under our belt in between some heavy showers, various wind strengths and direction. All in all a very difficult mornings racing. Once the scores where calculated John H took first place, with Vinnie once again sailing his number 2 boat (still available for sale) 2nd with Nigel third...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This Wednesday sees IOM in round 3 of The Vick Buck Trophy followed on Sunday by the RM fleet in round 3 of The Lady Jane Trophy. Nigel


7/10/2020 IOM Vic Buck Trophy ...Wednesday Day(2)

This morning saw 6 of our sailors take part in the IOM Wednesday series. Wind was from the West and certainly at the top end of No 1 . John H set a triangular and sausage course, and all started with No 1 rigs, only to see some Hair raising runs taking place when going downwind. Coffee time came and surprise, surprise, everyone changed to No 2. Some close racing took place with 4 different skippers recording firsts. In the end Vinnie came out on top (sailing his Robot), just pipping John. Thanks to john for sorting out Buoys and course and to Raymond for the scoring.........................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This Sunday it's IOM's again. ......See you all soon.........Vinnie


4/10/2020 IOM Jubilee Plate Day (4)

As predicted the weather was not too bad with a few showers and initially light fluky winds. After coffee wind increased but was still all over the place which made for some interesting and frustrating sailing........................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Thanks Vinnie..............


30/09/2020 IOM Vic Buck Trophy Day (1)

What a difference a few days make, from the strong wind's from the north and rain on Sunday to a pleasant autumn's day with light winds from the south. The marks that had been left out since Sunday gave us a near perfect course except for a running start which made for some exciting moments at the first mark. In the end we managed to sail 9 races in total with Vinnie winning 5 with 4 other skippers also notching a first place. It can be noted that Vinnie had left his Britpop at home and sailed a Robot that he tells me is available for sale if any one is interested. At the end of racing Vinnie finished first, Mel second and John H third with 7 skippers in total enjoying the morning in the fresh air. Thanks go to John for bouy recovery and the rest of the crew for helping tidy up at the end of racing..............................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This coming Sunday and Wednesday see IOM racing on both days. 


27/09/2020 IOM Jubilee Plate Day(3) (Day 2 was cancelled)

Four brave skipper's arrived lakeside to be greeted by strong winds and rain. On rigging Nigel discovered that his boat had lost its bind so his day was over even before it had started. Unable to sail he agreed to be RO for the day. Vinnie ventured out to set the course which gave us a triangle/sausage course. With the wind coming in from the North it was decided to keep the course short to enable the skippers to see the bouys in the chop and the rain. Vinnie and Raymond decided that no 3 rig was the right rig for the conditions, unfortunately John had little choice as he did not have a no 3 rig with him and had to sail with the No 2. Coffee was taking after 3 races and being Raymond's birthday he treated us to cakes as well "Happy Birthday Raymond ".After race five in which Vinnie had battery problems and had to call it a day it was decided to call a halt to the proceedings before the winds took there toll. When the scores where added up John finished first with Vinnie runner up. ..............................................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This Wednesday sees round one of the Vick Buck Trophy all welcome.


23/09/2020 R6M Day (4) Little Audrey Trophy

This mornings racing for Day (4) of the Little Audrey Trophy. Firstly I would like to welcome Derek who has joined the club having just purchased Gareths R6M. Neil set the course which after just 2 races and a massive wind shift left Vinnie resetting the course during the coffee break. Unfortunately the wind did not seem to want to play ball, shifting all over the place with some big holes thrown in for got measure. In the end 7 races completed and our commodore shown no ring rustyness after a long lay off coming out on top with John second. Thanks go to Neil & Vinnie for course laying, Neil for collecting said bouys at the end of sailing and last but not least Raymond for doing the results....................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS............................. (Day (3) was cancelled)

This Sunday sees the IOM's back on the water for round 3 Jubilee Plàte, no restrictions on numbers so the more the merrily.


20/9/2020 IOM free Sunday

Six boats took to the water (max. allowed ). Wind was from the north mostly, near the top end no 1 suit except in the big holes when the wind decided to swing north east at times. Vinnie set the course this morning which compris education a triangle plus a sausage with a downwind finish. Nine races sailed in total with Vinnie taking first place when the scores where added up with Raymond in second (editors note,last time I am going to get a tuning guide for a fellow skipper, only joking ), Thanks go to Vinnie for setting the course , Mike for collecting the marks and also for retrieving my boat which had some into fail safe during the last race........................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

This Wednesday sees the R6M take to the water for round 4 of Little Audrey Trophy followed on Sunday by the IOM's round 3 of The Jubilee plate. Numbers unrestricted for both days.


Hi Skippers,

I have just seen the latest MYA advice published last evening stating that Radio Controlled Sailing is now recognised as an organised sport by both the powers to be and the RYA. Having read through the 19 pages issued by the MYA as regards sailing and Covid-19 ( much of it went above my head obviously written by a legal team) I have drawn the conclusion that as long as we take sensible precautions and adhere to the government guideline on social distancing, we can recommence our series racing once again.

So, with that in mind we will revert to the sailing schedule set out in the Post Covid notice and start again on Wednesday 23rd September with round 4 of The Little Audrey Trophy for R6M followed by IOM's on Sunday 27th September with round 3 of the Jubilee Plate, and from there onwards as laid out in the sailing schedulewith as many as wish to compete.

Hopefully this will keep us going with unlimited numbers up until the Christmas holidays unless the "Circuit Break" takes effect in the North Norfolk area. Hope to see you all lakeside soon.



16/9/2020 IOM free Wednesday

Six boats took to the water numbers limited by the recent Government restrictions. With the wind from a northerly direction at about 10mph Vinnie set a box course with a downwind finish which did make for some close finishes. Unfortunately Vinnie had a touch of the "Raymonds" when his transmitter failed just before the start of race one and took no further part in the day's proceedings except for sailing John's boat in race 4 which he duly won. Twelve races sailed in total and at the halfway stage we had 3 skippers all equal on points.During the 2nd half of the days sailing John took control (with a little help from Nigel who whilst leading race 10 & 11hit the windward mark on both occasions). At close of play John won the day on 15pts with Mel & Nigel tied on 20 pts, Nigel getting the runner up spot on countback. Thanks go to vinnie for course setting and John for buoy recovery. Don't forget this Sunday is again Pop sailing limited to six followed on Wednesday the R6M sailing round 4 towards the Little Audrey Trophy....................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


Hi Gentleman,

Following the Government's latest announcement on the 9th September please find below how this affects us as a club:

AGM - this year's meeting that was planned for Wednesday the 30th September is now cancelled. The committee will sit down together over the next few weeks and discuss what course of action is now to be taken and report back to you for your comments and recommendation's. If there is any matter you wish us to discuss please drop me a line.

Sailing - Until the MYA sort themselves out and inform us on what we can do or not do we have taken the decision that the Old Codgers Trophy Round 6th scheduled for Wednesday 16th and Jubilee Plate Round 2 on the 29th have both been cancelled. These are both IOM events. For these 2 days we will revert to our 2 separate pods of sailors for some casual racing thus keeping numbers to the six as recommend by the Government. Just to remind you who is in which group they are as follows:

Wednesday - Mel, Raymond, Nigel, Gareth, Vinnie and one other to be confirmed with me prior to the day.

Sunday - Vinnie, John H, John C, Mike, Tony, and again one other to be confirmed by me prior to the day. If for one reason or another you can't make your day do let me know so that a substitute might be arranged.

This leads us into Wednesday the 23rd September, a R6M day and we will be sailing Round 4 of the Little Audrey Trophy as sailing numbers for this class at present is 6. Hopefully by then the MYA will have come up with a guide on what can be done as regards to numbers etc.



13/9/2020 RM Lady Jane Trophy........Sunday

Just 4 boats made it to the water today which was unfortunate as the conditions were near on perfect for most of the day. A halt was called ton proceedings after 8 races sailed with Vinnie taking overall honours with John H runner up. My thanks go to Vinnie for course setting, John for retrieving the marks and Raymond for taking over the scoring half way through. Remember this Wednesday sees us go back to our pod sailings for IOM s . No spaces available as numbers restricted to just 6. ..........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

John Hanton

I have cluttering up my shed two Marblehead hulls, an Indie built by Alan, with fin and ballast, no rigs, and a wrecked Paradox which could possibly be repaired by a highly skill operative, again no rigs, biggest selling point would be a late type GB fin and ballast costing several £100 at today's prices. Please make an offer for either if anyone is interested. Best wishes, John .


9/9/2020 Old Codgers Trophy......Wednesday

With the wind once again coming from the west eight boats took to the water in a good breeze.Vinnie once again set a good course mainly parallel to the control area. Triangle and sausage where sailed for each race. At the top end of the fleet racing was very tight. Would have been interesting if John had sailed the last race. In the end after nine races we had a tie for 1st place with 2 skippers equal on 14 points with Vinnie claiming top of the pile from Mel on count back with John finishing just 2 points behind in 3rd. My thanks go to Vinnie for both laying the course and retrieving the bouys after racing and also to Geoff for acting as scorer . This coming Sunday sees the RM back in action for round 2 of the Lady Jane Trophy...............CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS 


6/9/2020 IOM JUBILEE PLATE.....Sunday

The first round of the 'Jubilee Plàte' took place this morning. It was our first Post Covid Sunday event and it was good to see 7 club boats plus one visitor from Norwich. The wind was from the west and was enough to give good racing all round on top rig. Nine races run with Vinnie eventually coming out on top with Eric runner up. Many thanks go to John Hanton for both setting the course and also retrieving the marks. Thanks also go to Tony for treating us to coffees and teas on his birthday. Happy birthday Tony. Don't forget this coming Wednesday 9th is again the turn of IOM'S, OCT round 7, first start 10 am. .........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


2/9/2020 IOM OLD CODGERS Trophy....Wednesday

Today was the complete opposite to Sunday with what little breeze there was coming from the south West. Six boats took to the water and despite the lack of wind at times produced some close racing. We managed to get 7 races which resulted with 4 different skippers winning at least one race. At the end of the day Vinnie pipped John to first place with Mel hard on their transom. Thanks go to Vinnie for laying the course and John for retrieving the marks at end of sailing. This Sunday is once again IOM'S with round one of the Jubilee Plate. All skippers welcome to sail this week. .........................................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


30/8/2020 IOM Sunday

A brief report from Vinnie. Thanks go to Raymond for doing the scores. A guest appearance was also made this morning by our club website editor Eric. Vinnie's report as follows : 5 Boats turned up this morning to find a brisk northerly wind at about 25 knots. 4 of the 5 sailors opted for the No. 3 rig. Unfortunately Mel only had a no.2 so had to pray that the wind eased (which it did not). Vinnie sea a square shaped course with the start line to the left of the control area,up to 2 buoys to windward and a downwind finish after 3 laps. Racing was great fun and all enjoyed the conditions. Shame there were not more there.

Thanks Vinnie. This coming Wednesday sees the restart of the Old Codgers Trophy for IOM'S all welcome no restrictions on numbers........................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


26/8/2020  R6M sailing today was cancelled due to Storm Francis.


Go to see the September "Mainsheet" for the current situation in the coming year.


As a club we intend to return to formal racing once again now that the MYA have lifted some of the restrictions on numbers that can sail at any one time as long as we stay within the Government guide lines. So with this in mind please find attached revised sailing schedule for the rest of this year.

Click on the Programme page for revised sailing schedule.


23/8/2020 IOM Sunday

Near perfect wind conditions for top rig blowing from the west allowed Vinnie to set a course that allowed a good triangle and sausage for each race. Six skippers enjoyed nine races in total with Vinnie getting the better of John H with Raymond C third. Thanks go to Vinnie for setting the course and Mick for collecting the marks at the end of racing. Wednesday sees the R6M take to the water. ..........CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS



19/8/2020 IOM Wednesday

Unfortunately only 4 skippers today. 9 races sailed in a light southerly wind. At close of play Mel took today's honours with Vinnie hot on his heels.

This Sunday sees IOM again followed by 6M next Wednesday.



16/8/2020 RM Sunday

Six club boats where joined by Ian Self from Norwich and was sailed in very light winds from generally a northerly direction. For a change Vinnie did not have it all his own way due mainly to transmitter problems but with a win in the last of the eight races he just managed to get ahead of Ian to take the win on the day with Ian second and Nigel third. Thanks go to the members with both the setting of the course and the tidy up afterwards. This Wednesday sees the IOM fleet taking to the water and we do have room for a few more this week so if any one would like to join us please feel free to do so. We have also had a new guidance from the MYA re resumption of competive sailing , I will be putting pen to paper as regards the clubs plans as from September onwards for the rest of this year. Nigel HOLD THE FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!! a new assessment algorythm has been announced and Vinnie does not now win this day!!!!.......IAN DOES !!!!!.......( will the race committee make a u-turn??? Will Vincent appeal?) can't wait till the next installment !.....................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


12/8/2020 IOM Wednesday

Just 4 skipper's made the start line this morning. Wind was light and from various directions and with the added hazard of a large clump of weed floating on the edge of the course made for some interesting sailing for some. Somehow Mel managed to avoid the weed until the last race which allowed Raymond to pass him on the last leg. Thanks go to Mel for setting the course and retrieving the bouys at the end of racing. The 4 skippers where joined by Terry for coffee who has donated 2 IOM stands to the club. If any one is interested do let me know. This Sunday sees the first RM sailing since lock down was lifted so hope to see as many skippers as possible.



9/8/2020 IOM Sunday

Six boats took part in this morning's racing. The wind was from the North and conditions were suitable for the top end of "A " rig. Vinnie set a triangular and sausage course heading away from the control area. As it was, it turned out to be a very interesting course with a few shifts complicating things. From the start it became obvious that it would be a close thing between Vinnie and John Hanton with some real duels taking place. As it was the wind increased for the last three races which suited the Brip Pop, which tipped the scales in Vinnies favour.Once the scores were added up it was confirmed that Vinnie finished in first place followed by John in 2nd with Tony in third. My thanks go to Vinnie for the race report and the setting of the course and to Raymond for doing the results for me. Don't forget this Wednesday is again the Wednesday IOM crowd,and as it stands at present we have one spot available so if you wish to join us please let me know ASAP. First come first served.



5/8/2020 IOM Wednesday

Seven boats took to the water all using the number 2 rigs. Also flying visit from Terry and Michael to say hello. At stumps, Vinnie was the winner with Mel in second. Thanks go to Vinnie for laying the course and Mel for collecting the marks and of course the rest for helping to tidy up afterwards. Don't forget this coming Sunday is IOM's again. ................................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


2/8/2020 IOM Sunday

With 3 of the normal Sunday crew unavailable, Raymond and Nigel stepped in to take the numbers up to 5. Unfortunately as the boats took to the water for the first race Vinnie suffered gear failure which saw him miss the first three races of the day which saw him playing catch up for the rest of the day. After ten race's it was decided to call it a day. Once the scores on the doors where added up, we had John Hanton in first place, Nigel in second with Vinnie in 3rd. All in all it was a good mornings sailing, sunshine,good winds and good company, what more could one ask for. This Wednesday see the Wednesday IOM group back on the water. As an extra bonus tea and coffee and snacks will be HALF PRICE............ CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


29/7/2020 R6M Wednesday Little Audrey Trophy

Five skippers took to the water, wind from a westerly direction 12 to 14 mph for most of the days sailing. Scores on the doors after the completion saw John in first place with Neil taking the runners up spot.

Don't forget this Sunday is once again the Sunday IOM bunch. If you can't make it please let me know asap so that I can find an replacement.



26/7/2020 IOM Sunday

Once again 6 boats took to the water. Wind was fairly constant from a westerly direction nearing top of no 1 rig at times. Comment from John Hanton really summed up the day "lovely day,sunny and windy " .

Thanks go to Neil for both the scores and brief resume of the days proceedings... CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS

Please note that as from Wednesday 5th August the restaurant will be open for teas coffee etc once again. Please remember this coming Wednesday (29th July) is the turn of R6M's and not IOM'S .


22/7/2020 IOM Wednesday

Six skippers took to the water in very light winds coming from various directions. Six races completed with 4 different race winners. By close of play Vinnie topped the pile with Mel second.

Don't forget next Wednesday the 29th sees the turn of R6M to take to the water and not IOM.

......................................................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


19/7/2020 IOM Sunday

With the wind from the NNW, the competitors decided that due to the wind strength that the day's proceedings would be sailed under the No 2 rigs.
Today also saw the return to the fleet for Tony Garner, with Terry Burton's old boat, welcome back. Unfortunately he suffered a broken rudder early on and had to retire from the days racing. Hope to see you back on the water next week Tony. Thanks go to Vinnie for setting the course, John Hanton for keeping the score lakeside and to Raymond for translating  the score to the app.....................CLICK HERE FOR RESULTS


15/7/2020 IOM Wednesday

Mel manage to pip Nigel by one point to take todays honours. Vinnie had a winch problem so had to withdraw.

Click here for results


12/7/2020 R6M Little Audrey Trophy

Seven  boats took to the water in a light breeze along with 4 spectators .

All  went well with regards the systems put in place to ensure safe sailing for all.

Wednesday and Sunday this coming week sees the IOM'S take to the water. Just a reminder if you are unable to attend for your given slot please advise me at least 24hrs before hand so that I can fill that slot.


Nigel....................................click here for results

PS I am sure the 4 spectators didn't take to the water ! Just in case those of a sensitive disposition were concerned (Eric).


Revised sailing schedule


Little Audrey Trophy
28/9/2020 Day(5)
23/9/2020 Day(4)
26/8/2020 Day(3) Wed
29/7/2020 Day(2) Wed
12/7/2020 Day (1) Little Audrey



Lady Jane Trophy Positions
15/11/2020 Day(4)
18/10/2020 Day (3)
13/9/2020 Day (2)
16/8/2020 Day(1) Lady Jane

IOM's will sail every Wednesday and Sunday, using a rota, apart from above dates


I have started to list IOM dates below


Sunday and Wednesday Dates
Later dates to follow depending on BORIS
6/9/2020 Sunday
2/9/2020 Wednesday
30/8/2020 Sunday
23/8/2020 Sunday
19/8/2020 Wednesday
12/8/2020 Wednesday
9/8/2020 Sunday
5/8/2020 Wednesday
2/8/2020 Sunday
26/7/2020 Sunday
22/7/2020 Wednesday
19/7/2020 Sunday
15/7/2020 Wednesday


Hi Skippers,

Following on from the newsletter of yesterday please find attached details as regards to the clubs return to the water.
Whilst on this matter Neil is still awaiting replies from his survey from Terry, Mark and David. It would help us plan the way ahead if these three could please complete and return ASAP. even if it is only to say that they are delaying their return to the water to a later date.
The three attachments refer to:
a) A risk assessment
b) A return to sailing Protocol
c) Revised sailing schedule.
As under current guidelines we are limited to just 6 persons allowed lakeside at any one time so it has been decided that R6M & RM will be able to race within a series due to numbers of boats in the fleet by IOM will be free sailing at this point in time. As when this limit changes we will of course revisit the schedule.

If anyone has any questions on the above please do not hesitate to contact me.






Mainsheet July 2020

Firstly, may I apologize for the slight delay in getting this newsletter out to
you. With all the changes that have been happening over the last week or two as
regards to what one can do and not do, I wanted to clear up a few points up with
various people etc. before giving you the latest club update.
Following the recent survey that Neil sent out the tail end of last week and a
committee meeting this morning the news that you have all been waiting for is
that we have decide on the following course of action for the restart of club
We will take to the water once again on Sunday 12 th July for a 6-meter day and
thereafter on Wednesdays and Sundays with IOM except for certain dates which
will be put aside for 6M and RM. These dates will be circulated in due course.
Under current regulations laid down by the government we will be limited to a
max. of 6 persons sailing at any given time. This will be reviewed as and when
things change. As it stands at present this will only affect the IOM class race
days so these days will be on a pre booked system more details to follow in due
To allow us to sail safely there are certain procedures that will have to be put
into place lakeside and these will be laid out in a separate document which will
be circulated before sailing recommences.
As regards the restaurant, for the time being they are only going to be open
Thursdays to Sundays but have agreed to the side door being open so that we
have access to a toilet for sailing on Wednesday. Also, we can take our own
refreshments on the Wednesday. Sundays the café will be open and will operate a
one-way system – entry will be by the front door and out via the back. If you
wish to use the toilet please speak to a member of staff first as there is a strict
one-person rule. Coffee will be available but as at present not sure where we can
sit but that will be confirmed nearer the time.
All this may sound a bit long winded but we have to fit in with the various
guide lines set out by the various bodies concerned.
Well I think that about winds up the news for this issue but can I say that I am
looking forward to seeing us all back on the water over the next few weeks.




Signs of hope ????

All club sailing as been postponed until further notice following the guide lines laid out by Boris and his chums re social contact to be kept to a minimum.Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.




June Mainsheet 2020

Hope you are all well and can’t believe that it is already time for another newsletter. I am taking it for granted that with no sailing the homes and gardens are in fine shape and would attract a good price on Rightmove if were so inclined. From our personal point of view, it has been good to get the big boat back out on the Broads, be it only for day trips at present, it is a step in the right direction. 

    After another month of inactivity on the sailing front the time has perhaps come, following the easing of restrictions, to start looking at how we might ourselves get back on the water over the next month or so. With this in mind I have spoken to the restaurant and they are happy for us to start using the water again as from the 3rd June as long as we abide with the government’s guidelines. 

    To help us as a club to plan the way forward we need to take a roll call on how people see themselves returning to both the water and also towards maybe a work party before we recommence water-based activity again. I see members falling into 3 categories: 

  1. Those that are happy to sail again with social distancing being adhered to. 

  1. Those that come under the heading of shielding restrictions. 

  1. Any other considerations. I.e. not returning until the toilet facilities are once again available. 

Please could you advise me which of these categories you fall into. 

    Before any of the above can happen the currant restriction of only 2 people from different households getting together needs to be lifted. Depending on both the roll call and how the guidelines are eased will determine how fast we go forward. Also, with the weedy season fast approaching this might also have a bearing on our return to the water. 

   The aim is to get us back on the water in some form or another as soon as practical but also ensuring that we all stay safe at the same time. Gut feeling is it will be a long time before we get back to what we once knew but I am sure together we can find a way to work round this. 

    In the meantime, until we come up with a plan, it may be possible to buddy up with someone to sail on the broad after the 3rd June but do please check with me first so that we do not get an overlap of groups and please stay within the government guidelines laid down by Boris and his chums. 

    Also, I have been told by the restaurant you may not consume your own drinks on site. Also remember there will be no toilet facilities available. Just a reminder that your insurance covered has been suspended by the MYA until further notice. 






Mainsheet April 2020

I am not sure what to say this time round except that as we come to the end of the first quarter of the years sailing program, with storms Denis and Ciara and now Covid - 19 we have only managed to complete 9 of the planned 16 race days.Results as they stand at present are as follows:

IOM first Sunday series for The Barry Gailer Trophy, we have managed 3 race days in total with 11 skippers having raced on one occasion or more and presently the series is lead by Neil.

IOM first Wednesday series for The Old Codgers Trophy have managed 5 race days with 6 skippers having raced on one day or more and the series islead by Mel with 4 wins from the 5 days raced.

R6M first Sunday series for The Whitbread Trophy have managed 2 race days with a total 6 skippers having come to the start line on one occasion or more and so far John leads with 2 wins.

RM - unfortunately nothing to report so far this year as this class has yet to take to the water.

Away from the club, Sunday 8th March did see some club IOM's sailing over with our friends from Norwich in The Yare Cup, with 12 boats taking part in total with 3 from our club. Wind was strong and it did see the use of all 3 rigs during the course of the day by some skippers. In the end 19 races completed and the event was won by Colin Goodman from Chelmsford sailing a Britpop. For ourselves, Nigel finished 7, Neil 10th and Groff 12th.As I write this we are now coming towards the end of our first week of the country shutdown as part of the effort to contain Covid-19 and like most people none of us are sure what lays ahead,  further restrictions, extension to currant restriction or maybe a lifting of some degree or other, only time will tell. Once things start to change I will keep you informed and hopefully we will be back on the water doing what we all enjoy and racing once again in the not to distant future.For those of you that need a fix of some sort or other please click on the link below for a very basic sailing challenge. 

Wind game is about tacking at the right moment 
Before I sign off I am sure that you will all join me in wishing Cheryl a speedy recover and we look forward seeing her for a coffee lakeside sometime soon.

Stay safe and hope to see you all soon. 


PS:  Please see attached a link to some tips on how to maintain your boats over the shutdown produced by Brad Gibson: 



Sunday 15th March. "Barry Gailer Trophy" day (4).

For what ever reason just 4 boats took to the water after it was decided to allow today's race officer to participate.  Wind was up towards the top end of no 1 rig so it was split decision on which rig to use, with both Raymond and Nigel going with no 2. After just 2 races despite Nigel posting a 2nd in race 2 it was decided to halt for an early coffee break to allow both Raymond and Nigel to change up. After coffee 10 further races where sailed in what one could only described as interesting conditions with the wind coming from all different directions at the same time. Thanks go to  Vinnie for setting the course in very difficult conditions. click here for results


Wednesday 11th March " Old Codgers, Mel beaten for the first time in this series !

Sun was out wind was a little all over the place. At the end of the days sailing John Hanton finished in front of Mel to stop his run of wins. click here for results


Sunday 8th March...YARE CUP click here for results


Old Codgers, Mel makes it 4 in a row!

click here for results


Sunday 1st March... R6M "Whitbread Trophy" Day(2)

It was an interesting morning's sailing, lovely weather if a bit breezy at times, 4 brave souls coped extremely well as although the sailing area was sheltered by the restaurant there were ferocious gusts. Racing was pretty close with Mel leaping forward in the lulls and my extra 2kg paying off as it blew. Bernie and Neil were always close and when they went in different directions it was a job to know which to cover . A very enjoyable morning .
John .............................click here for results


Sailing schedule for the month of March is as follows:

Sunday 1st - R6M - Whitbread Trophy race day 2
Sunday 8th - is a practice race day because the main event is over at Whittingham ( more about this later on).
Sunday 15th - IOM  - Barry Gailer Trophy race day 4 - R/O for the day Vinnie
Sunday 22nd - IOM - Barry Gailer Trophy race day 5 - R/O  for the day Geoff
Sunday 29th - RM - Porter Cup race day 2

The Norwich MYC IOM Yare Cup will be sailed on Sunday the 8th March at Whittlingham . To all those with IOM's lets please support this event.If you require any further info please talk to Vinnie.


Wednesday 26th IOM "Old Codgers Trophy" Day (3)


Mel Catchpole acheived a hat trick of wins today click here for the results of this mornings racing.Today we sailed on top rig and 8 races were sailed.




Sunday 23rd February 2020 sees sailing for the IOMs.

4 skippers braved the elements. By the time we arrived the rain had passed through but the winds had increased. When we took to the water 3 boats where on C rigs with Geoff not having a C deciding he would give it a go on B. Shortly after the start of race one, with Geoff having problems tacking and a huge gust over the race track our race office Mike abandoned the race due to the prospect of boat damage. At this point it was decided that an early coffee break was in order to see if the wind would settle down to an acceptable level.

Racing continued after the break with just 3 boats on the water, Geoff having decided that it was best to stay ashore. Eight races complete before it was decided to call it a day. Vinnive taking 6 1st placed and Nigel taking the other 2. So by the end of the racing Vinnie picked up first place, Nigel 2nd and Neil 3rd. The highlight of the day came in race 5, rounding the last mark, Vinnie lead the way followed by Neil with Nigel some distance back. Rounding the mark both Vinnie & Neil both managed to stall which allowed Nigel to get within touching distance. With Vinnie and Neil keeping an eye on each other and forgetting about Nigel, thus allowing the latter to sneak up the last beat to win the race with Vinnie 2nd and Neil 3rd.

All in all a very enjoyable days racing. Thanks go to Mike for the R/O duties today. Click here for results

Today was the 1st outing for me with an IOM on a 3 rig, but it was some of the most enjoyable racing I have had for a long time. Skippers behaved themselves with no major mishaps or fallings out. The wind was a bit flukey at times with some good gusts but it stayed dry and was quite warm for the time of year.

Please remember that the NMYC IOM Yare Cup is at Whittlingham on the 8th March so get your entries in to Vinnie.
Regards Neil


Mel does it again on a Wednesday !!! click here for Wednesday results

Can Mel make it a hat trick next week. Its never been done before on a Wednesday. The tension mounts. What must Mel be feeling, how is his family coping, what is his secret to success, how is he dealing with the papparazzi (sp?), how much is "THE MAIL" paying him for his story.....all questions we hope to get answered in the coming days.


Hi Skippers,
Following 2 Sundays of inactivity on the sailing front hopefully this coming Sunday should see us being able to return to the water at Filby.
This time round it is the turn of the IOM's to take to the water with race day 3 for the "Barry Gailer Trophy". Currant forecast is still for winds of 20mph from SWS so maybe dust down that No 2 rig to be on the safe side.  Your R/O for the day is Mike Howard, briefing at 9.45 with the aim to get the first race under way at 10am. The last race for the day will start no later that 12.30 am.
Wednesday 19th see the Wednesday series for the "Old Codgers" continue, starting 10am with a forecast for winds of 15mph from the west this time. Idea practice on that No 2 rig for Sunday. Racing will be self policed.
Look forward to seeing many of you on the water during the forthcoming week. 


Sunday 16th RMs' Cancelled due to Dennis


Next Sunday  9th February CANCELLED

Hi All

We had hoped that the weather forecast was going to be wrong, but there is still an amber weather warning for our area with Storm Ciara expected on Sunday.

Due to the forecast of extremely high winds we have decided that there will be no racing this Sunday.

We do not want to risk damage to boats and it would be unwise for anyone to go out in the boat to try to set a course.

The IOM Old Codgers series will start this Wednesday as scheduled.

Best Regards


Next Sunday  9th February is IOM day 2 of 7 for “the Barry Gailer Trophy”.

Briefing 9.45am

First Start 10am

Last start no later than 12.30am.

Days RO is Nigel

Looking at the currant forecast for the weekend they vary from for winds from the west at 14 to 16 mph with gusts of 25mph plus to winds from the SSW at 30 plus with gusts of 50+. Temp up at 9 degrees with a 50% chance of rain as well.

You might just need to dust down your number 2/3 rigs if the forecasts are correct.

All being well see you Sunday.



February Sailing Schedule:

Sunday 9th. IOM Series "Barry Gailer Trophy" race day 2

Wednesday 12th. IOM Wednesday series day one for " The Old Codgers Trophy"

Sunday 16th. RM "Porter Cup" series race day one

Wednesday 19th. IOM Wednesday series

Sunday 23rd. IOM Series "Barry Gailer Cup" race day 3

Wednesday 26th. IOM Wednesday series


Hi Skippers,

Just a reminder that the restaurant is now closed for its annual winter break so during this period there will be no sailing (the coffee club is also suspended). We will reconvene on Sunday the 9th of February with the sailing of the 2nd in the IOM series for the Barry Gailer Cup. Also please note that Wednesday sailing will recommence on the 12th Feb.


Winner of The Fine Art Shield for R6M 12/1/2020

John Hanton

and winner of Day (1) of The Whitbread Trophy Series for R6M's click here for results


This Sunday 12th January 2020 sees sailing for the R6M.

On offer this week is 3 events for the price of one.

Firstly this is the first in the series counting to the Whitbread Trophy.  Second on offer is the winner of the days racing will also be award the “Fine Art Trophy” the Christmas event postponed from the 8th December. Third and final trophy to be decided on the day will be the “C & S Buxton Endurance Trophy” being award to the best placed BRYC member from the 3 events (IOM/RM/R6M) held over the holiday period. So plenty to go for this Sunday for those pot hunters.

If you are not sailing and fancy being RO for the day either let Neil or myself know of your availability. Your help would be most appreciated.

Briefing will be 9.45 with no race starting later than 12.30

Current forecast is winds WSW at 14 mph with a temp of 9 degrees.

Hope to see you Sunday.



NEXT SUNDAY 5th Jan......IOM First series day 1 for the Barry Gailer Trophy

Briefing @ 9.45

No race will start after 12.30

Your RO for the day will be Neil

Forecast is for winds to be from the SW @ 12mph with temp of 8 degrees but feeling more like 4


Hi Skippers,

We had a very enjoyable presentation evening (click here for pictures) at Filby Bridge Restaurant with most club members attending.

Please find attached your sailing calendar (click here)for 2020.

First scheduled race for 2020 is for IOM’s on the 5th Jan. and is the first in the series of 7 scheduled race days towards the Barry Gailer Trophy (series 1).

Also note that the following week the 12th is the first R6M race of the year which as well as counting towards the Whitbread Trophy (series 1) will also be a one off trophy race day for the Fine Art Shield (carried over from 2019) which will be awarded at the end of the days sailing.

Following on from these 2 race days the water will then be closed for 3 weeks and sailing will recommence on Sunday 9th Feb with IOM racing.

Please note also that there is no scheduled Wednesday sailing until the 12th Feb.

In the meantime hope to see some of you on the water over the holiday period for the various arranged race days.

Think that is all for now except to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Sailing Year for 2020.


Happy new year to one and all !
Lets all try moving in the same direction!
Happy new year to one and all !
Start of a new year! Lets have another great years sailing!


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