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Walking on water ?

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Welcome to the BRYC NEWS 2020


Signs of hope ????

All club sailing as been postponed until further notice following the guide lines laid out by Boris and his chums re social contact to be kept to a minimum.Any questions do not hesitate to contact me.




Sunday 15th March. "Barry Gailer Trophy" day (4).

For what ever reason just 4 boats took to the water after it was decided to allow today's race officer to participate.  Wind was up towards the top end of no 1 rig so it was split decision on which rig to use, with both Raymond and Nigel going with no 2. After just 2 races despite Nigel posting a 2nd in race 2 it was decided to halt for an early coffee break to allow both Raymond and Nigel to change up. After coffee 10 further races where sailed in what one could only described as interesting conditions with the wind coming from all different directions at the same time. Thanks go to  Vinnie for setting the course in very difficult conditions. click here for results


Wednesday 11th March " Old Codgers, Mel beaten for the first time in this series !

Sun was out wind was a little all over the place. At the end of the days sailing John Hanton finished in front of Mel to stop his run of wins. click here for results


Sunday 8th March...YARE CUP click here for results


Old Codgers, Mel makes it 4 in a row!

click here for results


Sunday 1st March... R6M "Whitbread Trophy" Day(2)

It was an interesting morning's sailing, lovely weather if a bit breezy at times, 4 brave souls coped extremely well as although the sailing area was sheltered by the restaurant there were ferocious gusts. Racing was pretty close with Mel leaping forward in the lulls and my extra 2kg paying off as it blew. Bernie and Neil were always close and when they went in different directions it was a job to know which to cover . A very enjoyable morning .
John .............................click here for results


Sailing schedule for the month of March is as follows:

Sunday 1st - R6M - Whitbread Trophy race day 2
Sunday 8th - is a practice race day because the main event is over at Whittingham ( more about this later on).
Sunday 15th - IOM  - Barry Gailer Trophy race day 4 - R/O for the day Vinnie
Sunday 22nd - IOM - Barry Gailer Trophy race day 5 - R/O  for the day Geoff
Sunday 29th - RM - Porter Cup race day 2

The Norwich MYC IOM Yare Cup will be sailed on Sunday the 8th March at Whittlingham . To all those with IOM's lets please support this event.If you require any further info please talk to Vinnie.


Wednesday 26th IOM "Old Codgers Trophy" Day (3)


Mel Catchpole acheived a hat trick of wins today click here for the results of this mornings racing.Today we sailed on top rig and 8 races were sailed.




Sunday 23rd February 2020 sees sailing for the IOMs.

4 skippers braved the elements. By the time we arrived the rain had passed through but the winds had increased. When we took to the water 3 boats where on C rigs with Geoff not having a C deciding he would give it a go on B. Shortly after the start of race one, with Geoff having problems tacking and a huge gust over the race track our race office Mike abandoned the race due to the prospect of boat damage. At this point it was decided that an early coffee break was in order to see if the wind would settle down to an acceptable level.

Racing continued after the break with just 3 boats on the water, Geoff having decided that it was best to stay ashore. Eight races complete before it was decided to call it a day. Vinnive taking 6 1st placed and Nigel taking the other 2. So by the end of the racing Vinnie picked up first place, Nigel 2nd and Neil 3rd. The highlight of the day came in race 5, rounding the last mark, Vinnie lead the way followed by Neil with Nigel some distance back. Rounding the mark both Vinnie & Neil both managed to stall which allowed Nigel to get within touching distance. With Vinnie and Neil keeping an eye on each other and forgetting about Nigel, thus allowing the latter to sneak up the last beat to win the race with Vinnie 2nd and Neil 3rd.

All in all a very enjoyable days racing. Thanks go to Mike for the R/O duties today. Click here for results

Today was the 1st outing for me with an IOM on a 3 rig, but it was some of the most enjoyable racing I have had for a long time. Skippers behaved themselves with no major mishaps or fallings out. The wind was a bit flukey at times with some good gusts but it stayed dry and was quite warm for the time of year.

Please remember that the NMYC IOM Yare Cup is at Whittlingham on the 8th March so get your entries in to Vinnie.
Regards Neil


Mel does it again on a Wednesday !!! click here for Wednesday results

Can Mel make it a hat trick next week. Its never been done before on a Wednesday. The tension mounts. What must Mel be feeling, how is his family coping, what is his secret to success, how is he dealing with the papparazzi (sp?), how much is "THE MAIL" paying him for his story.....all questions we hope to get answered in the coming days.


Hi Skippers,
Following 2 Sundays of inactivity on the sailing front hopefully this coming Sunday should see us being able to return to the water at Filby.
This time round it is the turn of the IOM's to take to the water with race day 3 for the "Barry Gailer Trophy". Currant forecast is still for winds of 20mph from SWS so maybe dust down that No 2 rig to be on the safe side.  Your R/O for the day is Mike Howard, briefing at 9.45 with the aim to get the first race under way at 10am. The last race for the day will start no later that 12.30 am.
Wednesday 19th see the Wednesday series for the "Old Codgers" continue, starting 10am with a forecast for winds of 15mph from the west this time. Idea practice on that No 2 rig for Sunday. Racing will be self policed.
Look forward to seeing many of you on the water during the forthcoming week. 


Sunday 16th RMs' Cancelled due to Dennis


Next Sunday  9th February CANCELLED

Hi All

We had hoped that the weather forecast was going to be wrong, but there is still an amber weather warning for our area with Storm Ciara expected on Sunday.

Due to the forecast of extremely high winds we have decided that there will be no racing this Sunday.

We do not want to risk damage to boats and it would be unwise for anyone to go out in the boat to try to set a course.

The IOM Old Codgers series will start this Wednesday as scheduled.

Best Regards


Next Sunday  9th February is IOM day 2 of 7 for “the Barry Gailer Trophy”.

Briefing 9.45am

First Start 10am

Last start no later than 12.30am.

Days RO is Nigel

Looking at the currant forecast for the weekend they vary from for winds from the west at 14 to 16 mph with gusts of 25mph plus to winds from the SSW at 30 plus with gusts of 50+. Temp up at 9 degrees with a 50% chance of rain as well.

You might just need to dust down your number 2/3 rigs if the forecasts are correct.

All being well see you Sunday.



February Sailing Schedule:

Sunday 9th. IOM Series "Barry Gailer Trophy" race day 2

Wednesday 12th. IOM Wednesday series day one for " The Old Codgers Trophy"

Sunday 16th. RM "Porter Cup" series race day one

Wednesday 19th. IOM Wednesday series

Sunday 23rd. IOM Series "Barry Gailer Cup" race day 3

Wednesday 26th. IOM Wednesday series


Hi Skippers,

Just a reminder that the restaurant is now closed for its annual winter break so during this period there will be no sailing (the coffee club is also suspended). We will reconvene on Sunday the 9th of February with the sailing of the 2nd in the IOM series for the Barry Gailer Cup. Also please note that Wednesday sailing will recommence on the 12th Feb.


Winner of The Fine Art Shield for R6M 12/1/2020

John Hanton

and winner of Day (1) of The Whitbread Trophy Series for R6M's click here for results


This Sunday 12th January 2020 sees sailing for the R6M.

On offer this week is 3 events for the price of one.

Firstly this is the first in the series counting to the Whitbread Trophy.  Second on offer is the winner of the days racing will also be award the “Fine Art Trophy” the Christmas event postponed from the 8th December. Third and final trophy to be decided on the day will be the “C & S Buxton Endurance Trophy” being award to the best placed BRYC member from the 3 events (IOM/RM/R6M) held over the holiday period. So plenty to go for this Sunday for those pot hunters.

If you are not sailing and fancy being RO for the day either let Neil or myself know of your availability. Your help would be most appreciated.

Briefing will be 9.45 with no race starting later than 12.30

Current forecast is winds WSW at 14 mph with a temp of 9 degrees.

Hope to see you Sunday.



NEXT SUNDAY 5th Jan......IOM First series day 1 for the Barry Gailer Trophy

Briefing @ 9.45

No race will start after 12.30

Your RO for the day will be Neil

Forecast is for winds to be from the SW @ 12mph with temp of 8 degrees but feeling more like 4


Hi Skippers,

We had a very enjoyable presentation evening (click here for pictures) at Filby Bridge Restaurant with most club members attending.

Please find attached your sailing calendar (click here)for 2020.

First scheduled race for 2020 is for IOM’s on the 5th Jan. and is the first in the series of 7 scheduled race days towards the Barry Gailer Trophy (series 1).

Also note that the following week the 12th is the first R6M race of the year which as well as counting towards the Whitbread Trophy (series 1) will also be a one off trophy race day for the Fine Art Shield (carried over from 2019) which will be awarded at the end of the days sailing.

Following on from these 2 race days the water will then be closed for 3 weeks and sailing will recommence on Sunday 9th Feb with IOM racing.

Please note also that there is no scheduled Wednesday sailing until the 12th Feb.

In the meantime hope to see some of you on the water over the holiday period for the various arranged race days.

Think that is all for now except to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Sailing Year for 2020.


Happy new year to one and all !
Lets all try moving in the same direction!
Happy new year to one and all !
Start of a new year! Lets have another great years sailing!


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