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Walking on water ?


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Welcome to the BRYC NEWS 2019

2nd June 2019  

IOM Second Series Day(2)

Click here for results

Well done Nigel!

Looks like a close run thing!



26th May 2019  

R6M First Series Day(5)

Click here for results

Well done John!

Another good mornings racing at Filby. The self policing worked well until coffee then Mark arrived and generously volunteered for the rest of the morning.

During Coffee we discussed the races postponed  / abandoned earlier this year   -  RM   ( 21st April )   & R6M ( 13th Jan)

It was proposed ( if the weed does not make it impossible)  to reschedule the postponed RM race on the 16th June and the abandoned R6M the week after on the 23rd June. As today RO duties could be self policing.

Most of those who would be racing in these rearranged events were there today and agreed.

It was also thought not to rearrange the current schedule unless the weed prevents us restarting on the 14th July.

Informal one off events could take place on the Weedy Sundays if sailing is possible.


12th May 2019  

IOM Second Series Day(1)

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Well done Vinnie!


5th May 2019  

R6M First Series Day(4)

Click here for Day (4) results

Well done John ! A long day.

Shearwater Trophy results below.

28th April 2019  

IOM First Series Day(7)

Well done Terry!


Click here for Day (7) results

and here for IOM Series one Final results


Shearwater Trophy results

For detailed results click here



Shearwater  Trophy

6M Open meeting

5th May 2019


Hosted by The Broads Radio Yacht Club




Filby Bridge Restaurant

Ormesby Little Broad



NR29 3AA



Briefing: - 09.45am

First Race: - 10.00am

No race will start after 4.00pm and any race still in progress at 4.30pm will be abandoned.

Entry fee: - £5.00

Entry closes on: - 3rd May 2019

MYA SSI’s will be used.



Competitors should note that they will be required to undertake to race in compliance with the RYA RACING CHARTER.


To enter please use the MYA on-line entry form or

e-mail Geoff Josey  -:



7th April 2019  

R6M First Series Day(3)

Well done Bernie!


Click here for results

24th March 2019  

IOM First Series Day(5)

My highlight of the day was boat 78 having to do a penalty turn for running into the back of 17 as it was not going fast enough!!!!

Click here for results



17th March 2019  

IOM First Series Day(4)

Looks like a close day between Pete and Terry. Click here for results


If more details are available please send to eric.curtis2@gmail.com ...........Thanks.

Well done Pete !

24th February 2019  

IOM First Series Day(3)

Despite light Southerly airs a great mornings racing was had at Filby this morning. Many thanks to Race officer Mike Howard. Click here for results

Not again.......VZ won!


17th February 2019    

RM First Series Day (1)

Click here for results


Winner......Guess who?

10th February 2019  

IOM First Series Day(2)

IOM racing restarted at Filby today. The weather was not as bad as forecast and some good close racing took place during the morning. 

Four boats turned up with Vinnie, no.17,winning most of the races. Click here for results

Take a break till February 10th ......WERE BACK SUNDAY !

IOM First Series Day(2)

Should be a good day ?????

My weather expert says it's gonna be a blustery day.

He who walks on water is RO.

13th January 2019

R6M First Series Day (1)

Not the greatest day with six boats turning up and few not sustaining minor damage of some sort on a very windy day. Elizabeth allowed me to sail her Bellair for which I am very grateful but I only managed to complete one race ( along with Terry) due to the conditions. John and Bernie finished two races and then decided to call it a day. The risk to the boats was too great. Click here for results

Picture is of Bellair (sail no. 0) leading the fleet of course sailed by Elizabeth.

6th January 2019

IOM First Series Day (1)



Sunday was disappointing with only 5 boats in light airs and No1 rigs and a great new course board built by Neil! An Interesting day? Vinnie, no.17,winning the day. Click here for results

Lets all try moving in the same direction!  
Happy new year to one and all !  
Start of a new year! Lets have another great years sailing!  
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