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Mainsheets 2021



APRIL 2021



Well, here is the news we have all been waiting for. After sitting on the fence at the start of the month the MYA have now confirmed that we can return to racing as from the 29th March.

To this end our first meet of the year is now scheduled for Wednesday 31st March, and will be a pre-season series of races to iron out any boat/skipper problems that may have occurred during this recent lockdown for the “Rusty Fingers” award for IOM’s, and just in case one has forgotten the first start will be 10am. This will then be followed on Sunday 4th April again with a 10am start for round 1 of the “Barry Gailer” Trophy for IOM’s. I will be R/O for that day

Please bear in mind that the social distancing rule will apply up till no earlier that 21st June.

Then subject to any further lockdowns we will go full steam ahead into a full series for the rest of the 2021 season. If for any reason we have to make changes I will of course try and give you as much warning as possible.

“Weedy Season” I have allocated the period as from the 13th June to the 30th June inclusive and during this period we will race 6M on both Wednesdays and Sundays as this seems to be the class least affected by the growth of the weed. As we all know this period of time can be a bit hit or miss so I will adjust the race schedule as and when necessary to accommodate the weed situation. For those who wish you may sail your IOM during this period as free sailing.

As regards to facilities lakeside, the restaurant is quite happy for us to start sailing again as from 31st March but point out that they will not be reopening fully to the 17th May so unfortunately till that date we will not have any facilities available lake side. They have agreed that we can during the period they are not open that we may bring our own refreshments.

So now is the time to bring your boats out of hibernation, check electrics etc. before returning to the water. Remember the old saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

I will also be holding a short work party on Monday 29th March at 10.30. We need to prepare the clubs facilities prior to the start of our 2021 sailing season. It is only a few small jobs that need doing such as preparing the boat for launch, tidy shed, tidy control area and reset all electrics so should not take to long. You help with the labour would be apricated, I will supply the coffees, not a bad exchange.

Club EGM: As it stands at the present the club is short on numbers in various post that help  the club run on a day-to-day basis, therefore it is my intention to call an EGM to resolve these matters early July once all the legal limits on social contact have been lifted. If you have any matters which you wish to be discussed at this meeting please let me know.






Race Officer




“Rusty Fingers”





Barry Gailer Trophy Round 1

Nigel Featherstone




Old Codgers Trophy Round 1





Barry Gailer Trophy Round 2

Neil Cousins




Porter Cup Round 1





Barry Gailer Trophy Round 3

Mel Catchpole




Old Codgers Trophy Round 2





Little Audrey Trophy Round 1





Old Codgers Trophy Round 3


Think that’s about all for now and let’s look forward to fair winds and good sailing for the forthcoming sailing year.




MARCH 2021

Hi Skippers,

Welcome to the latest edition of Mainsheet. Hope you have all been keeping busy and well. I have just had my first vaccination well ahead of time so I hope that many of you will also have had yours by now.

Following on from my communication as regards to the post of temporary commodore to which I only received one reply it would seem to make sense to leave this post vacant until we can call a proper EGM to select a new commodore. The first likely date for this will be hopefully early July.

As regards to the latest Covid-19 announcement re the road map out of restrictions, I am delighted to see a route that should allow us to return to the water by the end of March. At present I await conformation from the MYA as regards to actual dates but suffice to say, once I have conformation, I will advise you all accordingly.

Before we can get back on the water, there are a few things that need attention lakeside before we return and I wish to thank Vinnie for volunteering to take on these jobs for us. I am sure if he requires any help he will only need to ask nearer the time and people will come forward.

I have now drafted a sailing Schedule with a start date from the 31st March. The schedule will be a little different as from previous years but hopefully restrictions permitting all club trophies will be raced for, be it some on a reduced number of rounds plus, I have added a third series to the IOM Wednesday calendar. As for the 6Meters I intend to run the "Whitbread Trophy Series" as a block of 6 race days both on Wednesdays and Sundays during the period set aside for the weedy season, conditions allowing. These dates could be subject to change due to as and when the weed arrives. Also, I have moved the venue for the 6M "Shearwater Trophy" on the 9th May across to Norwich, as we will still not have any facilities available to us at Filby. Please support this club event, even though it is being sailed at Norwich. No club racing will be held that day at Filby.

Last but not least we held a short club Zoom meeting on Wednesday 24th which was attended by 6 members and the general feeling of those who took part was that we should arrange one more before we return to the water. So, with this in mind I will arrange the second BRYC Zoom meeting for Wednesday 17th March again at 10am. Please let me know if you wish to attend.

That's about it for now but hope to be able to circulate the clubs sailing schedule to you all sometime early in March. In the meantime, with the return to water looking likely soon, maybe now is the time to dig your boats out and check all is working and not leave it to the last moment.




Firstly, I would like to start this latest offering by saying that I hope you and yours are all keeping well in these difficult times. By now I am sure that some of you have had your vaccinations and hopefully a few more of us should receive ours by the end of February.

Unfortunately, not much to say this time round as we entered 2021 under a tier 4 lockdown which was then quickly replaced by a total lockdown on the 5th January which put a kibosh on any hope of sailing during the early part of the year.

After a very wet Christmas period we did manage to get a small work party of Mike, Vinnie, Derek, Gareth and myself down to the club on the Wednesday between Christmas and the New Year to lift the club boat ashore. Thanks team, because if we had left it any longer the boat would have filled up with rain water. A cover has now been purchased which hopefully should reduce the amount of rain water that gets into the boat when left standing for any length of time and will be fitted once the boat can be refloated. It may need some adjustment but I am sure that will not be a problem.

Following a discussion between ourselves and our friends at Norwich we have decided to switch venues for this year 6M Shearwater Trophy away from Filby to Norwich for 2021. The date chosen is Sunday the 9th May. The reasoning for the switch was twofold, firstly with COVID-19 the chances of the restaurant at Filby being fully operational by then is low and secondly with Norwich holding the 6M nationals later on in the year it would give potential competitors from outside the area coming to the Nationals a chance to sail on the waters prior to the Nationals and also giving the Norwich race team a practice event as regards to 6M.

As regards to commencement of sailing for this year, there is not much that can be done until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and we see what is left of the year before compiling a race calendar of sorts.

So as arms are duly vaccinated, our lives are newly injected with a fresh sense of optimism for a sunlit spring with plenty of sailing opportunities ahead....................................( beautifully expressed )







This past year has been difficult for us all no matter where in the world you may live but I hope our sport has given us some welcome relief from some of the restrictions and social distancing imposed. After a good end to 2020 we enter 2021 under a tier 4 lockdown which means that until further notice we are not able to take to the water. After all that went on over the last 9 months or so let’s hope for a less stressful year ahead, be it that maybe the first two / three months may well still be disrupted by Covid-19.

The clubs sailing season drew to a close on a high with 10 one meters (would have been eleven but Vinnie volunteered to do race officer instead of racing) taking to the water on the 19th December, long may it continue. Also, both the 6M and R6M have seen an increase in numbers towards the end of the year so all fleets are looking heathy going into 2021.

Club Membership has also increased for 2021 and I welcome all the new members to the club and hope you enjoy the season ahead.

Please find attached a separate sheet with the overall results for the 2020 season. Hopefully we be able to hold a prize giving of sorts once the tier 4 restrictions are lifted.

I am sure you would also like to join me in thanking Geoff for taking the time out to creosote the shed for us during the period prior to the Christmas holidays. Things people will do to get out of the Christmas shopping. Next projects on the list are a) replacement of the window covers on the main shed and b) is the new rescue boat once the fine weather returns. This will need a fair amount of work as all the gunnels will need replacing. If anyone has any wood that might be appropriate do let the club know as we need to keep the refurbishment cost to a minable level.

As regards to sailing I do not intend to start the 2021 season till at the earliest the first Wednesday in March, thus allowing the currant Covid-19 to take its course over the next two months. I am also proposing some radical changes to our schedule but more of that at a later date once I have spoken to the other committee members about the proposed changes. I will then circulate them round all the members for your thoughts.

That’s all for now folks, I will keep you posed as and when I have further news re sailing and in the meantime can I wish you all  “Happy New Year” and stay safe.



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